Pete Darwent's Framus Star Bass "Stone Bass"







Peter "Gilly" Gillham

Lead Vocalist

Pete Darwent

Bass Guitar & Vocals


Dave "Mac" McClure

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


Paul Richards

Lead Guitar


Bryan Lowes - Road Manager

with a little help from our good friends,

Paul Darwent & John Liptrot


Dave Lawton


This audio clip of a circa 1964 practice session of "The Abstracts" was recorded on 1/4 inch tape, at 3 3/4 inches per second, using a mono reel to reel tape recorder and microphone.  Hopefully, this helps explain the poor sound quality; however, as this is the only surviving recording of the group, we felt its inclusion was appropriate.  The song is "Some Other Guy" (1962) and the practice session was at the Crosby Labour Club.

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